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Legal Fees

Our costs

The charges to you for our services are on the basis of a single blended average hourly rate.  Our hourly charging rate is the same no matter who within Cornwall Legal actually works on your matters.  We will ensure that the legal adviser appointed to deal with the instruction will be appropriately qualified and experienced to deal with the nature of the matter.

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The majority of your legal costs will be met through our charging arrangement but there may be occasion where there are additional legal costs that might arise during the course of this matter, for example instructing a barrister.  We will inform you of these as soon as we are aware of them and discuss these with you and will only incur these with your prior agreement.

Additional legal costs will be paid initially by us but will then be recharged to you.

We will send you a monthly statement which will set out your matters that we have worked on, how much time we have spent working on those matters, the monetary value of this time and any additional legal costs.

We will endeavor to provide an estimate of our likely costs for any individual matter but there will be occasions where this will be extremely difficult and we may provide you with estimates for key stages in these circumstances.  We can then agree to cap expenditure and arrange for you to be notified when relevant thresholds are reached.

We may also be able to provide you with work at an agreed fixed rate, for more information please contact our Legal Finance Team